Henreser at the 34th Malaysia International Machinery Fair

Malaysia International Machinery Fair (MIMF) was first held in 1989 at Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur, with only 50 booths to serve the local market. Throughout the years, MIMF has evolved into Packaging & Food Processing Exhibition (M’SIA-PACK & FOODPRO), Plastic, Mould & Tools Exhibition (M’SIA-PLAS), Lighting, LED & SIGN Exhibition (M’SIA-LIGHTING, LED & SIGN) , Bakery Exhibition (M’SIA-BAKERY) and become the leading industry trade fair in Malaysia.

Based on the findings by the Department of Statistics, Malaysia has more than 2,000 established companies involved in the food processing industry with the majority of them being Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), this sector accounts for about 10% of Malaysia’s manufacturing output. The processed food contributed around RM 21.76 billion and are exported to more than 200 countries in 2019.

The demand for machinery and equipment for the F&B industry is growing, with consumers looking for higher standards and better quality to meet the requirement of increasing export these days. This is supported by Malaysia’s status as a market leader for the HALAL food industry worldwide.

Malaysia is one of the largest plastic producers in Asia, with over 1,550 manufacturers, employing approximately 99,100 workers in the industry. The plastic-related industry is one of the most dynamic and vibrant growth sectors in Malaysia’s manufacturing sector.

MIMF is the platform to further develop the nation’s manufacturing sector, allowing industry players to keep track of today’s competitive environment and enhancing Made in Malaysia brand in the global market.

Henreser Blade is a professional industry blade producer who belongs to Fengli Machinery Group with 20 years of experience. We are committed to producing different types of Industry blades in the packaging, food processing, industrial equipment, paper and rubber, and plastic industries. Our advantage is to produce custom tools, and we can make the blades according to customers’ desires with Drawing. At Henreser Blades, Our experienced technical teams can ensure the high quality of products. In service, we attached great importance to the feelings of customers and are committed to providing the professional and quality blade with competitive pricing, and efficient delivery methods. We are widely exported to global markets and have a certain market position and reputation. We tend more to win the trust of customers with service and quality.

henreser produces industrial blades, knives and wear-resistant parts, adopting different materials such as A2, HSS, M2, D2, SKD-11, tungsten carbide, etc. according to your requirements, and we will give our suggestions according to your working conditions. Our advantage is the production of custom knives, like the rubber and tire industry, there are many custom knives.

Our contact information:

Tel: 008618626137178

E-mail: info@henreser.com

Address: No 1049, Dongcheng Road, Bowang Town, Bowang Dist, Maanshan City, Anhui Province, China

Fengli Machinery Group

  Ahfenglimachinery.com(Duct Work) 

  Hycules.com(Metal Work)

  Henreser.com (Industrial Blades)



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